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Vibration Recorders

Vibration Hourmeter - RZ5260  

More economic viability, security and cost transparency – this is provided by the RZ operating hours meter by gbo datacomp. Operational times are displayed in hours and minutes.

The RZ meter is suitable for:                             

  • Monitoring Service Intervals
  • Monitoring Guarantee Periods
  • Calculation for Renting / Hiring  

No cables or connections are required, as the meters utilise movement or vibration of vehicles, aggregates and machines.  DETAILS HERE

STB - Mechanized Recorder - STB 212  

Working and idle times for machinery can be completely recorded in the simplest possible way by the STB212 time recorder. This time recorder has proved its value for many years as an uncomplicated data recording instrument for stationary and moving machinery in road making and mining, as well as in agriculture and forestry.

Main functions:

  • Accurate recording of working and idle times
  • More efficient utilization of plant capacity
  • Objective performance data
  • Precise cost control
  • Reduction in costs by increased productivity
  • Setting up of statistical records
  • Check on operating times as basis for preventive maintenance to avoid breakdowns