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FM3707 FM3717 Communicator

The MiX Telematics Fleet Manager product range incorporates on-board computers for use in vehicles and working machines. It is specifically intended for 12V to 24V equipment in the automotive market.

The FM 3617i/FM 3717i is designed to record a wide range of vehicle and trip related information, including vehicle speed, engine speed, engine temperature, fuel consumption, trip start and end times. The FM 3617i/FM 3717i has an internal GSM and GPS with Li-ION battery backup which makes it ideally suited for modern Fleet management where company assets need to be tracked and managed.

VT1300 VT1310 ( Vehicle Tracking )

The VT1300 fleet tracking unit provides leading edge tracking and driver behavior technology.

The VT1300 includes an internal GPS and GPRS modem to record GPS positions together with trip information for real-time tracking. Data is also recorded on an event basis with driver violations and detailed trip information. Customers are able to remotely monitor the vehicle performance in real-time or retrospectively.
DETAILS: VT Tracking and FM Locate


Control and monitor your fleet online - no software update or installation required. Anytime, anywhere.

FM-Web is a secure Internet-based fleet management system that allows Fleet Managers to view their fleet data with a web browser, anywhere, anytime.

The information is made available to you in a controlled manner over the Internet via web pages and / or e-mail messages. Users are only provided with the fleet information and functionality that they are allowed to access, based on the organization rules and subscription level. Exceptional information is delivered via email to specific users in a targeted manner. You can also download data and track your vehicles online.