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Speed Limiters

 Speed Limiter AGBIII for Mechanical Injection pumps

The speed limiting system consists of the AGB III control electronics and an actuator that is mechanically linked to the injection pump so that its delivery rate can be reduced. The system limits the maximum speed by reducing the engine power when the preset maximum speed is reached.

The system has been designed so that, in the range of approx. 30 – 120 km/h, it complies with EU Directive 92/24, the European regulation pertaining to speed limiting systems for trucks and buses.

The following functions are included:

  • Maximum speed limiting
  • Additional configurable speed limiting
  • Additional freely selectable speed limiting
  • Adjustable position limiter
  • Input for engine brake
  • Fault indicator and fault request via key(s) and flash code
  • Diagnosis and parameterization with commercially available standard PC

The installation kits (override cylinder and scissors systems) that have been used up to now are still available in addition to the AGB III basic kit.


 E-Gas Compact – Convert you mechanical throttle to Electronic

Electronic control and limitation of engine speed and vehicle speed. Safety functions, speed limitation, linking to other electronic control systems and the simple communication of accelerator-pedal positions can all be realized using one single system: VDO E-Gas compact.

Thanks to Continental's involvement in large-scale series production a trouble-free installation in diesel or petrol engines has been proven many times – ensuring the highest possible level of safety in everyday use. Thanks to the free choice of parameters for the electronic units most technical requirements can be fulfilled extremely easily. No matter whether for on- or off-highway vehicles, stationary machines or rail vehicles.

The following road speed functions are available:

  • VDO tempostat® function (cruise control)
  • Road Speed limiting (pre-programmed)
  • Variable road speed limiting – call-up via switch


VDO Pedal Interface II – Current Fly by wire throttle systems

The permanent intensification of emission regulations has made the use of electronic engine control systems (Common Rail, EDC, E-Gas,...) obligatory. However, the possibilities to activate additional functions as for example, Cruise Control, Road Speed Limitation or PTO (Power Take Off) control of engine speed do often not exist or are strongly limited.

The VDO Pedal Interface II offers a simple and cost-effective solution to adjust serial engines to individual application.
The system consists of an electronic controller which is mounted between the pedal unit and the engine control unit. If required, the position signals can be changed, so that the desired additional functions can be activated. Modifying the hardware and software of the vehicles electronic engine management system can thus be avoided.

The following road speed functions are available:

  •  Maximum Road Speed Limitation (v-max)
  • Variable Road Speed Limitation (v-var)
  • Road Speed Control (Cruise Control)Additional Road – Speed - Limitations