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Viewline , Marine segment

The new analog instruments offer a perfect platform for the different segments of the boating industry. Viewline is the new instrument platform for pleasure boats and yachts. With modular solutions in three hosing variations, we supply:

  • More Functions
  • More flexible installation and design options
  • Space-saving combi instruments

Furthermore , Viewline offers a great deal of freedom to customize the cockpit and is the natural choice for an attractive price/performance ratio.

See the "Viewline Marine Catalogue" PDF here      

Engine Sender Unit Range  

Trouble-free, safe and efficient vehicle operation is impossible without the availability of key data. Active and passive sensors record and forward the necessary values. These sensors need to work reliably even in difficult conditions and must be highly compatible. Guaranteeing smooth operation.  

Our VDO sensors can be customised to meet specific requirements. They are temperature-resistant and insensitive to moisture, dirt and chemicals. In order to provide reliable information they are also unaffected by electromagnetic fields and the vicinity of other sensors, while offering a long service life. They can help to reduce fuel consumption and emission of pollutants, for example, or to optimise hydraulic component and control unit operation.