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 E-Gas Compact - Convert you mechanical throttle to Electronic

Electronic control and limitation of engine speed and vehicle speed.
Safety functions, speed limitation, linking to other electronic control systems and the simple communication of accelerator-pedal positions can all be realized using one single system: VDO E-Gas compact. Thanks to Continental's involvement in large-scale series production a trouble-free installation in diesel or petrol engines has been proven many times - ensuring the highest possible level of safety in everyday use. Thanks to the free choice of parameters for the electronic units most technical requirements can be fulfilled extremely easily. No matter whether for on- or off-highway vehicles, stationary machines or rail vehicles.

The System offers the following RPM functions:

  • Working RPM regulation - call-up with operating lever
  • Fixed RPM regulation - call-up via switch or operating lever
  • Programmable RPM limiting
  • Limiting of RPM - call-up via switch (pre-programmed)

VDO E-Gas® compact comprises an electronic controller, an electric actuator with electrical clutch and a set-point or pedal-position sender. It is also possible to process external set-point entries (for example 0 - 5 Volt) to control the actuator position.
In addition to this, switches and sensors can also be used to influence the current setting lever position.


The VDO Pedal Interface II consists of an electronic controller which is mounted between the pedal unit and the engine control unit. The Pedal Interface II modifies the position signal of the pedal unit in such a way, that different regulations and limitations of engine speed and road speed are possible. The intervention in the hard- and software of the standard engine management system thus can be avoided.

Maximum Engine Speed Limitation
A maximum engine speed can be set via the configuration manager this cannot be changed by the user.
Variable Engine Speed Control
Minimum and maximum engine speed, programmable
With the cruise control stalk, hand set (two wire data cable) or external switches (cruise control stalk inputs) a variable engine speed control can be realized. Using the engine control options the variable engine speed can be switched on or off and modified within the programmed range.
Fixed Engine Speed Control
Via the status inputs a maximum of 6 fixed engine speeds can be controlled with one status input being used for PTO disengage. Each engine speed can individually be adjusted with its own control parameter (P+I: rpm gain and integration time). The requirements for switching on and off are the same as for the variable engine speed control