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CAN Cockpit Gauges

CANcockpit is the flexible system solution for processing data from various analogue and digital sensors via A master instrument connected to a CAN bus. It can be precision configured to meet specific needs, and is simple to expand up to 16 instruments which can be controlled by one master instrument, whenever required. In addition, this modular instrumentation solution may be integrated into existing VDO panel solutions.

Performance Gauges

Performance Tachometers & multifunction gauge.

Cockpit digital gauges

New Automotive style gauges with Digital readout. 

Cockpit Vision

Cockpit Vision is the pinnacle of instrument technology. It represents latest advances in instrument illumination and installation techniques. Using fibre-optic technology to illuminate the pointer and VDO’s Trioptic through dial lighting we achieve superb night time illumination. The installation technique used, where possible, disregards U-brackets and studs and features instead a 360o locking ring thereby eliminating panel warping and gauge rotation. We call it the VDO Spin-lock. 

Cockpit White

Cockpit White offers an alternative appearance to conventional black face dials, developed from VDO’s strength and commitment to the automotive industry to provide a low cost range of gauges suited to a broad range of applications. These reliable gauges feature easy to read flood lit dial illumination for a fantastic look.

Cockpit International

Cockpit International represents a range of heavy duty instruments designed for the commercial and industrial market. The best combination of colours for readability and reduced eye fatigue are used in the styling of our cockpit instruments. State of the art manufacturing and quality control procedures ensure that the end product features up to date engineering and design standards, such as the unique air core electric movements. These reliable gauges feature easy to read floodlit dial illumination for accurate referencing

Cockpit Titanium

QUALITY - Gauges are designed and based on the proven & successful VDO ‘Cockpit Vision’ platform.
ACCURACY - World class instrument technology for accuracy and performance.
APPEARANCE - Trioptic thru-dial illumination using fibre optic technology to illuminate pointer.
STYLE - Modern design with an eye catching sports look.
DESIGN - Utilising VDO “Spin-Lock” locking ring –eliminating panel warping & gauge rotation.

Safety & Security

The Siemens VDO Safety and Security range of products offer premium quality, innovative and universal solutions to rigorous demands of the automotive industry.

Senders, Switches, Adaptors

SENDERS - to suit VDO instruments
The senders listed hereunder are for use with all instruments listed in this publication. Selection is simple: Just match the range of the instrument with the range of the sender unit.

Adjustable Pressure Switches