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AIRCO supplies and services Automotive Instrumentation,
Monitoring and Control Equipment


Our clients include some of Australia's largest Transport Companies, Automotive Manufacturers and Government Departments.

AIRCO's major products include Automotive Instruments, Tachographs, Road Speed Limiters, Commercial Cruise Control, E-Gas Electronic Throttle Control, On-board Computers, Fleet Monitoring Services and Forklift Speed Control.

AIRCO continues to operate its general automotive instrument servicing workshop and provides counter sales to both trade and retail customers.

AIRCO’s reputation is as a provider of the highest quality workmanship in the installation and service of automotive and commercial instrumentation, monitoring and control equipment. 

Cruise Control Kits
Automotive Instruments
AIRCO offers an extensive range of VDO/Continental Automotive, Commercial and Marine instruments.
Tachographs & Consumables
Whether you need to comply with state regulations or are after a basic form of Fleet management; our tachographs and tachograph services provide efficiency, optimize fleet management and are the world leaders in this technology.
Speed Limiting Equipment
With the most extensive & comprehensive range of Speed limiting equipment available on the market , we are able to offer you a solutions for all types of Earth bound vehicles in all applications from mining vehicles to highway vehicles. All of these products comply with the strict EU guidelines so quality is guaranteed.
Engine Control Equipment
With the advancements in vehicle electronics, the Siemens Pedal Interface II allows all aspects of engine performance to be managed according to individual requirements. Whether your requirement is engine speed limitation, fixed RPM output or Variable engine speed control it is now possible tailor a solution to your specific requirement.
Vehicle Monitoring & Tracking Devices
Using GPS technology, fleet managers can track and trace their vehicles, either in real-time or via historical reports. Fleet managers can also generate reports per driver or per vehicle to confirm hours submitted by drivers or, for example, sales calls and field visits made on a day-by-day basis.
  Vibration Recorders
Working and idle times for machinery can be completely recorded in the simplest possible way by the STB time recorder. Vibration hour meters RZ provide exact times of operation in hours and minutes and can be used for any form of mobile or stationary vehicle or device/ equipment.
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